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  • Build a ‘army’ of empowered champions that will spearhead initiatives
  • Build a culture of intentional networking
  • Enable our members to achieve their professional goals while balancing their cultural identity
  • Facilitate cross-border knowledge transfer & learning
  • Create a network-effect for the community


Respect - Professionalism - Curiosity


Turnkey platform for multiple use cases

  • Mentorship
  • Investment & Fundraising
  • Dialogue
  • Partnerships

Safe and nurturing space for individuals from every background and domain


Fueling exponential impact

👋 Hello everyone and 🙏 Namaste!

The Great Nepali Diaspora was born from my personal wish to see more professional connection and collaboration between Nepalis. This wish has resonated with global Nepalis and an idea has become a community and a movement.


I am grateful for the guidance and support from Hon Consul General of Nepal in New York Bishnu P Gautam, Bal Krishna Joshi a veteran Nepali tech leader and Swarnim Wagle, a global Nepali thinker/doer. Early ambassadors like Chandika Bhandari, Jay Dahal and Rupu Sharma have championed the cause and validated my beliefs.


Every speaker and volunteer has added value to the community we are building in public. Each new person that joins the community brings in their unique identity and makes us all stronger and better. While there are too many names to include here, I hope we can showcase our members and their stories in a meaningful way in the days to come.


Pratik Maharjan has translated my vision into beautiful pieces of art. Thank you for creating the logo and the website. 


My husband Arun Adhikary has played the valuable role of a devil’s advocate and sounding board. My daughter Alexia reminds me why I am building the community in the first place; for present & future generations of Nepalis to come together on a professional platform and maintain a connection to their roots. 


I hope all of you will join me in shaping this community and harnessing the endless potential it holds. I encourage you to take ownership so that we can fuel exponential impact for Nepal and Nepalis around the world. 



Preeti Adhikary


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Ashra Acharya
Diva Shrestha
Krishna Sapkota, PhD
Kshamata Neupane
Kshitij Neupane
Niraj Shrestha
Nirmal Thapa
Nishu Acharya
Oshin Pandey
Prabisha Shrestha
Sabin Pradhan
Saprina Panday


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