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The Great Nepali Diaspora opened me up to a whole lot of possibilities. The knowledge I gained from the network has helped me to position Veda for bigger possibilities. I found the community to be diverse and members to be helpful. I made some really good friends from the network. For an entrepreneur in Nepal, I believe The Great Nepali Diaspora will be a bridge between the entrepreneurs in Nepal and foreign countries.

Nirdesh Dwa

Co-founder/CEO, Veda App

Being a part of TNGD has given me the opportunity to meet and network with a diverse and accomplished set of individuals of Nepalese origin that I would have never met otherwise. I also had a chance to showcase my firm, True Root Financial in the Expert Connect Session This allowed me to use my expertise to help Nepalese students, young professionals and business owners understand the foundation of investing and financial planning. I would highly recommend anyone considering joining TNGD to become a member. It is a great medium to give back to Nepal and also get a lot from other like-minded individuals and friends.

Roshani Pandey

Founder/CEO, True Root Financial

I just accepted an offer to join Microsoft (a place where I have always dreamt of working) as an Explorer Intern in Redmond, Washington this coming summer! Special thanks to The Great Nepali Diaspora where I could meet so many incredible Nepalese didi/dai who genuinely helped me a lot along the way with all their hearts. Definitely, the diaspora is truly a great platform for me :)

Ruby Sapkota

Mount Holyoke College, CS/Econ

The Great Nepali Diaspora has truly been the community I have been looking for. It has helped me broaden my professional network in the most meaningful way at a significant time of my entrepreneurial journey. The Founders Forum within TGND opened up quite a few fundraising opportunities for me and some of my most valuable investors and advisors have come from the group itself. Kudos to the leadership team in creating this community since I can't imagine not having one now.

Nischal Banskota

Founder, Nepal Tea Collective

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